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 Hi, thanks for sharing Hörspielland Play.
I don't speak German and I write to you in English.
I have several TonUinos that I modified and now they work in stereo.
I really liked your project and I have made some progress.
I have prepared a Raspberry Pi Zero to do it.
I must study python3 to understand it better.
But I can't follow as your link: Download der Hörspielland Play Skripte
Download a 265-bit file that contains an error, that is, the file cannot be downloaded.
<br />
<b> Warning </b>: file_get_contents (.. / Hoerspielland-Play-Skripte-V1.29.zip): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in <b> ... .php </b> on line <b> 31 </b> <br />

Download the Hörspielland play scripts

Copy the directory Hoerspielland-Play from the download zip file to / home / pi /

Copy all files from the directory Hoerspielland-Play-WebApp into the directory / var / www / home /

But there is nothing to copy as the download fails.

Waiting for your response, I send you my best regards.
Have a nice day.

Ce&Ma  25.03.2021 03:12

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 Hi, Ce&Ma!
Thanks for your feedback. I fixed the link. You can now download the script.

Good luck.

Best wishes. CU

MK  25.03.2021 17:19

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